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badastsma1-jpgIf you live in Virginia and happen to have the unfortunate experience of your home heating oil tank leaking, do not worry. It just so happens that the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has a special insurance fund that you may be able to access to assist with the cleanup. If your tank leaked for pretty much any reason not associated with negligence, the insurance fund is there to assist you. However, if your favorite Nascar driver just lost the Daytona 500 by six inches and you get mad and kick your tank over, well, good luck with that, you are on your own.

Wingfield Environmental responds to heating oil spills in Virginia and provides emergency response services to eliminate the leak threat, clean up any spilled heating oil, and put in place any protective equipment to minimize impact to nearby receptors (such as nearby creeks in most cases). The insurance fund reimburses the tank/property owner for all expenses incurred above a one (1) time, $500 deductible (which Wingfield waives in most all cases).

Most environmental response companies will charge you the $500 deductible and make you pay all invoices and await your reimbursement from the insurance fund which could take up to a year to get your money back. And, to add insult to injury, their fees are in excess of what the insurance fund rates will pay which means you end up paying way more than your deductible. THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH WINGFIELD ENVIRONMENTAL. With Wingfield Environmental, we will put it in writing that:

          • You will absolutely pay no more than the $500 deductible (most all never even pay that).
          • Wingfield will carry all costs above the deductible. This means that once the deductible is met, Wingfield will never ever send you a bill for payment. We will basically pay for the investigation/cleanup and wait the almost one (1) year to get paid back from the insurance fund.
          • If the insurance fund denies any costs for any reason, Wingfield will eat those costs. We have been responding to heating oil spills in Virginia and dealing with this insurance fund for over 20 years. If we cannot provide the level of work expected by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality at the rates allowed by the insurance fund after all these years, we do not need to be in business.

As stated previously, staff at Wingfield Environmental has been responding to home heating oil releases for over 20 years now. Over this period of time we have established an excellent name with both the HazMat response teams in southwest Virginia as well as staff at the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality who oversee the ultimate cleanup and insurance fund dispersement. If you have the unfortunate luck of experiencing a leak (large or small) from your heating oil tank in Virginia, give us a call and let us help ease the cost burden for you.

Wingfield Environmental, Inc. does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

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